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External installation of cantilever pumps VS5 (Dry well)

External installation of cantilever pumps VS5 (outside sump/tank, dry well)

The Cantilever pump is installed outside of sump/tank (dry well) . When the liquid level inside the tank is above the pump casing, the pump can operate. As soon as the liquid level is below the minimum liquid level for operation, the pump will be un-primed and run dry. The pump will be able to run again when the liquid level inside the tank is above the minimum liquid level for start-up. The liquid level inside the tank must be lower than recirculation pipe in order to allow the liquid to flow back from the pump into the tank.

One of the benefits of this construction.
Because the pump is not completely in the liquid, there is only thermal transfer to the pump from the pumped fluid. In this construction, the outside of the pump can transfer heat to the air. This makes it possible to pump liquids with high temperatures which would already cause problems in other arrangements where the pump is immersed, for example by overheating the motor. This arrangement allows to work with very hot fluids (up to 300°C).

For more advantages of cantilever push here

Cantilever pumps

Cantilever pumps are used for sludges, slurries and liquids containing large or long solids. They are also used in drainage sumps, oily water sumps, tank transfer,food processing, ground water development and irrigation, heavy oil, oil sand and shale, paper stock, sewage collection and treatment, shower pumps, slurry processing and transfer

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