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Axial flow pump (Hor)
  • Axial flow
  • Elbow Pump Rodelta
  • Inclined pump
  • Shaft with bearing housing EHT
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  • EHT
  • Axial flow pump
  • EHT

Rodelta EHT (elbow pump)

The pump type EHT a single stage, Axially split, Axial flow pump and is also known as a "elbow pump" at Rodelta. This design make use of the siphon principle saving energy and minimize valves in system. The pumps are used where low heads and high capacities are needed, mostly to bring polder water over a dike or dam.

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  • Drinking waterDrinking Water
  • Flood contoleFlood Control
  • IrrigationIrrigation
  • Power generationPower Generation
  • Wast WaterWast Water
  • Water treatmentWater Treatment

Rodelta EHT (elbow pump)

Features: EHT (elbow pump)

  • The pump is installed over the dike or dam above water level. The pump is filled with water by using vacuum installation creating a siphon by vacuum in the pump before start-up. The is vacuum automatically removed when stopping the pump.
  • Inclined pump version possible.
  • Energy saving, due siphon principle only dynamic losses and no static losses.
  • Easy inspection of the pump possible as the pump is dry when not running.
  • Fish-friendly design available


  • Delivery size up to 2500mm (Diameters up to 4 meters possible on request)
  • Capacity up to 150.000m3/hr
  • Head up to 11m
  • Suitable for liquid Temperature: Up to 50ºC
  • Sealing Arrangement: Packed gland


Constructional features:

Pumpcasing, suction and discharge
The pump casing and discharge are axial split type and together with suction pipe semi installed in the concrete.

Impeller & shaft
The impeller is axial (propeller) type mounted to the horizontal pump shaft.

Thrust & radial bearing assembly
The axial thrust bearing assembly provided with radial roller and ball or spherical thrust bearings. The radial pump bearing is lubricated by the pump liquid.

Push here for explanation of the use of a EHT pump for irrigation and drainage.

EHT brochure

Rodelta EHT pump brochure

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EHT (elbow pump)

  • Features Horizontal split, open impeller with axial diffuser design
  • Capacity @ BEP Upto 150000 m3/hr Upto 660500 Gpm
  • Head Upto 11 m Upto 36 feet
  • Temperature range -10 to 50 °C 14 to 122 °F
  • Efficiency Upto 86 %
  • Material (Casing/Impeller) Cast Iron, Bronze, SS, Duplex, Super Duplex
  • Nozzle Orientation (suc/dis) Depends on site layout and can be customized as per requirement.
  • Standard Motor Sync. Speed 600 rpm 600 rpm
  • Options Direc drive / Gear box drive
  • Flange drilling standard BS EN/DIN/ANSI /AWWA
  • Max. Operating Speed 600 rpm

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