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Vertical Volute

Rodelta VV (Vertical Volute Pump)

Vertical Volute (VV) pumps is extended range of SPV
pumps and used for flow capacity from 1000 to
24000 m3/hr and head from 10 m up to 90 m. Pumps can
be operated at 50Hz and 60Hz. Pumps are custom
engineered and can be tailor made according to site
requirements. Continues R&D efforts ensure high reliability
and optimum system design.

For alternative specifications contact us.

  • Dry dockDry Dock
  • Flood contoleFlood Control
  • General IndustryGeneral Industry
  • IrrigationIrrigation
  • Power generationPower Generation
  • Wast WaterWast Water
  • Water treatmentWater Treatment

Rodelta VV (Vertical Volute Pump)

The VV pumps are vertical dry pit pumps, single stage with cast or fabricated volute casing. The volute casing is double volute to balance the radial load on shaft. The high efficiency impellers are casted type. The impeller can be semi open or enclosed type depending on operating head and application. Pumps can be supplied in various metallurgy as per liquid application. Main applications are in Lift irrigation, water supply schemes, intake and circulating cooling water for power plants and industrial water requirements.
Features: (Vertical Volute Pump)
Compact pump house
  • Compact pump house
  • Dry pit design gives ease of operation and less pipe work.
  • Lower NPSHR.
  • Lower maintenance cost.
  • High reliability
  • Minimized total cost of ownership
  • Vibration-free performance
  • No priming required
  • Direct drive/Right angle gear drive
  • Impeller pull-out
  • Gland packed/ Mechanical seal
  • Mixed flow/ Enclosed type impeller
  • Direct or two floor arrangement
  • 50Hz / 60Hz availability
  • The pumps can be offered with CE & EAC marking
  • Pumps can also be supplied in Horizontal execution upon request under SPP-E series.
  • The medium to be pumped does not come into contact with the pump bearings.


  • Delivery size from 700 mm to1400 mm (Engineering to suit requirement)
  • Capacity up to 14000 m3 /hr.
  • Head up to 90 m
  • Temperature: – 20 °C to 50 °C


  • Water supply Pumps
  • Lift Irrigation Pumps
  • Cooling tower
  • Cooling water or Intake for Power plants
  • Flood control
  • Dry Docks
  • Industrial cooling water

Constructional features:

Volute casing
Volute casing is cast / fabricated type with double volute design. It is designed rigid with two or four feet to mount directly on base.

Radial enclosed or mixed flow type. Enclosed or semi-open type of impeller is offered depending upon head requirement.

Suction Draft tube:
Suction draft tube is fabricated or casted in concrete to allow smooth inflow of water with minimum losses. This is optional and can be supplied based on customer request.

The shaft is of high tensile strength steel suitable and designed considering the loads.

Thrust bearing:
Mitchell Tilting pad type, antifriction type or sleeve bearing for taking hydraulic axial thrust and weight of rotor assembly. Lubrication is with oil or grease. Thrust bearing arrangement is available either independently in pump and drive or combined thrust arrangement in drive.

Discharge Pipe:
To direct flow from volute to discharge pipe or common header.

Motor stool with Sole pate:
Rigid construction to ensure vibration-free operation of pump set.

For pump and prime mover flexible or rigid couplings can be offered as per requirement.

Pumps can be offered with direct drive, by cardan shaft or with Gear Box drive.


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VV (Vertical Volute Pump)

  • Capacity @ BEP Upto 24000 m3/hr Upto 105700 Gpm
  • Head Upto 90 m Upto 295 feet
  • Temperature range -20 to 50 °C -4 to 122 °F
  • Discharge pressure 16 Bar 230 Psi
  • Efficiency Upto 92 %
  • Suction Pressure Upto 4 Bar Upto 58 psig
  • Max. Operating Speed 1500 Rpm

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