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62 pumps for crude oil refinery in the Middle East

For a large Crude oil refinery in the Middle East, Rodelta bid a complete package of pumps among the largest pump companies in the world. After thorough evaluation by the engineering company, contractor and end-user we came out best on both technical as commercial proposal . Especially for the items with lower flow conditions, our engineered product was able to fulfill all API requirements for which the competitors were forces to take deviations. The result was a purchase order for the delivery of 62 pump skids (including seal systems) in accordance with the API 610, 11th edition

crude oil refinery

API 610 pump skids

Rodelta has carry out an order for the delivery of 62 pump skids including seal systems in accordance with the API 610. the biggest part of the delivery “a total of 32 pumps” were pumps of the HZC type, the successful OH2 pump from Rodelta. These pumps are equipped with a custum made hydraulic design that is precisely developed for the work area desired by the customer. Just like the HZC, the ETLS where 8 of them were delivered also has this technology. However, the ETLS has even more advantages. The ETLS has a very limited footprint. Two of the 8 ETLS pumps had to operate under very high temperatures. Rodeta and its internal engineering team have looked into this and developed a suitable solution for this condition. In addition to these pumps from the overhung series, 4 vertical suspended pumps of the TAZN (VS4) type were supplied, two for cool operational use and two in a hot working environment. Of the pumps between bearing (BB type), a total of 18 were supplied, namely 5 BB1 type KBAD and 5 BB2 type KBTD. The dimensions of these pump skids   exceeded the 5 meter limit. To complete the number of 62, Rodelta supplied 8 double casing, radially split multistage between bearing pumps, type KBDD. All pumps were supplied including cooling piping if necessary and seal systems.


More info about Rodelta API 610 pumps (Download brochure)


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  • BB2 API 610
  • KBAD BB1 API 610 pump
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  • Assembly Barrel Pump

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