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KBAD (BB1) pump
  • KBAD BB1 API 610 pump

Rodelta KBAD (BB1)

The BB1 type, KBAD pumps are axially split single stage between bearing pumps complying with API610 requirements. These pumps are suitable for wide applications in fluid handling in oil refineries and petrochemical industry. Other applications are including Quench water, cooling water, dewatering in mining and firefighting application. The discharge pressures are designed up to class 300 and class 600 if required and suitable for suction pressures up to 20 bar (g).

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  • chemical industryChemical Industry
  • General IndustryGeneral Industry
  • Oil & Gas Down streamOil & Gas Downstream
  • Oil & Gas UpstreamOil & Gas Upstream
  • Power generationPower Generation

Rodelta KBAD (BB1)


  • Design and manufacture as per API610 (BB1)
  • This pump is supported between bearing and heavy duty design ensures high reliability under critical operating conditions.
  • The axial split casing permits removal of the complete rotating element without disturbing suction and discharge piping.
  • Various design options and material choices permit handling of a wide range of liquids in various process applications.
  • This pump can be offered as Hydraulic power recovery turbine (HPRT)
  • Axial thrust balancing is achieved with help of double suction impeller.
  • These pumps can meet low NPSH requirement due to double suction impeller.

Optional Features KBAD pumps:

  • Pump with sleeve & sleeve ball bearing combination can be offered as per requirement and request.
  • Pump can be offered bidirectional without any pattern modification in casting.
  • Pump can be offered with split bearing housing.
  • Same shaft can be provided for both end drive.

Pump casing
Pump casings are designed for Maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) and 2 x API nozzle loads. The casing is of axially split volute design with suction & discharge flanges & mounting feet cast integral with lower half casing with semi centerline mounting to cover high temperature range. If requested can be provided with foot mounting. Tapped & plugged hole are provided for priming, vent, drain and gauge connections. Upper half casing is removable without disturbing suction & discharge piping. Suction & Discharge is on a common centerline in both the horizontal & vertical planes. Joints are heavily studded with nuts & bolts.

Nozzle orientation arrangement
Suction & discharge nozzles are designed with Side-Side configuration in 150 & 300 class flange rating as per ANSI B 16.5, if requested can be offered as Bottom-Side configuration. Rodelta can also provide pumps with higher ratings. Flanges of suction & discharge nozzles are raised faced with a serrated finish.

Auxiliary connections
Pumps with Side-Side nozzle orientations are with ¾ inch whereas drain connection of ¾ inch is taken out from the bottom of casing & flange connection is provided with available space limit. Drain connection with Flanged + Valves arrangement can be provided if specified.

The impeller is an enclosed, double suction type. It is fixed with grub screw to ensure positive fitment of wear ring on impeller hub. As impeller wear ring both side Neck diameters are maintained same so pump can be offered with Bidirectional rotation without any pattern modification. Double suction design helps in balancing of axial thrust developed during operation of pump. Impellers are dynamically balanced to ISO 1940-1 grade 2.5

Impeller wear rings
The impeller wear rings are held on impeller with an interference fit and secured in position with set screws to ensure positive fitment.

Case wear rings
The case wear rings are inserted in the top & bottom casing with an interference fit and secured in position with set screws. Note: wear ring flushing arrangement can also be provided when solid particles are present in operation fluid.

Generally, shafts are made up of bar materials, in some cases where there is not possible to make shaft from bar material, shafts can be made by forging process. These shafts are supported on antifriction bearing on both DE & NDE side of pump. On DE side a roller bearing with C3 clearance & on NDE side a pair of angular contact ball bearing in back to back arrangement is provided to take care of radical thrust developed during normal operation of pump. On DE side, tapered shaft end is provided for easy removal of coupling hub & space during maintenance period. Thrust bearings are located on shaft with help of lock washed & loch nut.

Bearing housing and bearings
Hydrodynamic thrust bearings are provided when energy density ratio is greater than 4×10^6 kW/min as per the API610 standard. Normally the bearing housing is designed to accommodate antifriction bearings which are lubricated through an integral splash type system accompanied with an oil ring. This oil ring is freely suspended over shaft, relative motion between shaft and oil ring causes splashing of oil from bearing housing and bearing lubrication is occur. Duel single row radical bearings are provided as standard. For high energy/power pumps, bearing housing can be designed to accommodate sleeve ball arrangement. Bearing housing has extra-large reservoir to provide sufficient cooling capacity. It is provided with arrangement for fitment of a constant level oiler which includes a mechanically lockable adjustment and protecting wire case. Flat face on top of bearing housing is providing to facilitate the mounting of RTD’s for temperature monitoring of bearing.

The following optional features are available at extra cost:

  • Oil mist lubrication (as per customer’s requirement both purge & pure oil mist lubrication can be provided)
  • Water cooled bearing housing
  • Fan cooled bearing housing


  • Fluid handling in oil refineries and petrochemical industry.
  • Crude oil
  • Quench water
  • Cooling water
  • Dewatering in mining
  • Fire-fighting

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  • Design standard ISO 13709 ISO 13709
  • Features Between Bearing BB1, axially split, single stage pump (API610)
  • Capacity @ BEP Upto 6240 m3/hr Upto 27475 Gpm
  • Head Upto 460 m Upto 1510 feet
  • Discharge pressure Upto Cl. 300# and 600# optional Upto Cl. 300# and 600# optional
  • Nozzle Orientation (suc/dis) Side-side(standard), Bottom-Side(optional)
  • Standard Motor Sync. Speed 1000/1500/3000 rpm 1200/1800/3600 rpm
  • Suction Pressure Upto 20 Bar Upto 285 psig
  • Max. Operating Speed 3600
  • Flange ratings(#RF) Cl. 300/600

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