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KBTS (BB2) pump

Rodelta KBTS,KBTD (BB2)

The BB2 type, KBTS is a Between Bearing Two stage single suction centerline Supported pump type. KBTD is a Between Bearing Two stage double suction centerline Supported pump type conforming to API 610. The casing is center line mounted and with case wear ring. Casing is radially split with metal to metal joint having confined controlled compression spiral wound metallic gasket grafoil filled. These pumps are suitable and used in applications of fluid handling in oil refineries and petrochemical industry. The discharge pressures are designed up to class 600 and suitable for suction pressures up to 80 bar (g).

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  • chemical industryChemical Industry
  • General IndustryGeneral Industry
  • Oil & Gas Down streamOil & Gas Downstream
  • Oil & Gas UpstreamOil & Gas Upstream
  • Power generationPower Generation

Rodelta KBTS,KBTD (BB2)


  • Conforming to latest edition API 610 (BB2).
  • Two stage Between bearing pump
  • Single and Double suction impeller pump
  • Casing with Top-Top nozzle.
  • Casing is center line mounted and with case wear ring
  • Removal of rotor or inner elements is possible without disconnecting suction or discharge piping or moving the driver.
  • Enclosed impellers with wear rings.
  • Inherent axial thrust balancing because of double suction impeller for 1st stage for KBTD.
  • Axial thrust balancing is with the help of impellers in opposed direction for KBTS.
  • Impeller nut positively secured with set screw.
  • Impellers located using impeller nut with threads to tighten by liquid drag on the impeller during normal rotation.
  • Shaft supported on antifriction bearings
  • DE – A roller bearing wth C3 clearance
  • NDE – A pair of angular contact ball bearing in back to back arrangement
  • Thrust bearing is located on the shaft with the help of lock washer and lock nut.
  • Oil level monitoring of the pump by constant level oiler.
  • Bearing housing is with bearing covers having replaceable labyrinth type end seals.
  • Pump with cartridge type mechanical seals at DE and NDE as per API682.
  • Pump is available with taper shaft which makes easier removal of the coupling.

Optional Features:

  • Pump with Sleeve – Ball bearings
  • Jacketed casing for steam circulation
  • Pump with purge mist on pure mist lubrication
  • Steam traced casing for heating of casing.

Special Features: 

  • Casing with Side -Top Nozzle
  • Pump with sleeve-hydrodynamic thrust bearing arrangement (Pressurized oil lubrication)


  • Fluid handling in oil refineries and petrochemical industry.
  • High temperature and high pressure critical applications in chemical and allied industry
  • Pumps as Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine (HPRT) in chemical and process plants.

Variety of materials of constructions and seal flushing plans are available to cater to a wide range of applications.

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  • Design standard ISO 13709 ISO 13709
  • Features Between Bearing BB2, Radially Split, two stage pump (API610)
  • Capacity @ BEP Upto 1600 m3/hr Upto 7045 Gpm
  • Head Upto 520 m Upto 1705 feet
  • Discharge pressure Upto Cl.600# Upto Cl.600#
  • Nozzle Orientation (suc/dis) Top-Top, Side -Top & Side-Side
  • Standard Motor Sync. Speed 1000/1500/3000 rpm 1200/1800/3600 rpm
  • Suction Pressure Upto 80 Bar Upto 1135 psig
  • Max. Operating Speed 3600
  • Flange ratings(#RF) upto Cl.600

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