VDA Pompen B.V.

Rodelta Pumps International is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the former pump company’s Delta pompen, Sulzer Delta and VDA Pompen B.V. All spare parts are according the original specifications and drawings and can be delivered in short term. (Be wary of fake distributors this can lead to pump problems)

History explanation behind the company names:

Pompenfabriek Delta N.V. was founded in 1946. In the following 25 years the pump factory had developed itself into a well- established concern. In 1971 the Swiss Sulzer company exhibited considerable interest in the concern, which resulted in a complete take-over by the pump division of that company. After take-over the name changed into Sulzer Delta and later in Sulzer Pumpen Benelux The product range greatly increased, with a consequent increase in international sales. After a period of about 25 years, the company offered the opportunity to become independent and VDA pompen BV was born.  VDA Pompen B.V. was member of the Thole group. Later on a lot of consolidation in the pump industry worldwide and in Europe in particular toke place. This also had his influence on VDA, it went through changes and became Rodelta Pumps International. In July 2015 Rodelta was acquired by Kirloskar Pompen B.V. now the owner of Rodelta Pumps International.

This explained why Rodelta Pumps International is the OEM for all the mentioned pump companies above. All original drawings and specifications of the companies are part of Rodelta Pumps International heritage. Rodelta offer original spare-parts for pumps delivered many years back.

Rodelta Pumps International is a Dutch company and operate as an independent establishment. like we mentioned, we are part of the Kirloskar group, which gives us the possibility to rely on Kirloskar for financially big projects when the customer wants to have extra financial guarantees.

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Original equipment manufacturer

Rodelta Pumps International is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the former pump company’s Delta pompen, Sulzer Delta and VDA Pompen B.V.

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