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Vertical multi stage VS1

Rodelta VIR (vertical multi stage VS1)

The pump type VIR (VS1) is a single casing, single or multistage design incorporating single or multi radial vane impellers with front and rear wear rings, each impeller has its own diffuser. VIR (VS1) vertical shaft pumps are engineered for wet well installations. This range of pump is also available with a barrel, please see our VBR (VS6) pump. The design of VIR complies with the latest edition of the American Petroleum Institute standard 'Centrifugal Pumps For General Refinery Services', also known as API 610/ ISO13709.

For alternative specifications contact us.

  • Chemical Industry
  • General Industry
  • Oil & Gas Downstream
  • Oil & Gas Upstream
  • Power Generation

Rodelta VIR (vertical multi stage VS1)

Features: VIR (vertical multi stage VS1)

  • According API 610 (VS1)
  • Replaceable wear rings & balance holes, minimize axial loads
  • Length can be adapted to suit installation
  • Multiple stages
  • Renewable inter-stage bushings
  • Stuffing boxes acc. to API 682 suitable for various API compliant seals.
  • Spacer coupling permits easy removal of top bearings with motor is in situ
  • Impeller/diffuser design offers high efficiency and stable flow
  • Optionally these pumps can be offered with Inducer to meet critical NPSH requirements like LPG application where NPSH available is an issue


  • Delivery size up to 250mm
  • Capacity up to 5500m3/hr
  • Head up to 1600m
  • Suitable for liquid Temperature: Up to 350ºC
  • Sealing Arrangement: Gland packing or with mechanical seals
  • Flanges rating: CI. 150/300/other
  • API material options available, NACE & ATEX approvals available on request


  • Offshore crude oil loading
  • Liquefied Gas
  • Cooling Circuit
  • Petrochemical Transfer
  • Condensate extraction
  • Chemical Transfer
  • LNG Vaporizer Feed
  • Sea water lift
  • Storm water & Drains water
  • Recovered oil
  • Tank service


  • Power plants
  • Cryogenic
  • Chemical & Petrochemical plants
  • Refineries


Casing (discharge head):
The suction and discharge nozzles are located on the discharge head. Nozzle flanges are as per the ASME standards.
Optional casings can also be provide which are designed for maximum allowable working pressure of class 600 # or 900 # and the discharge head is designed to withstand 2 or 4 times nozzle loads as specified in API. Steam tracing/insulation to the casing, when high temperature application. Discharge head in forging on customer request.

Casing (bottom):
Bottom casing (bell mouth) is provided which ensure smooth flow of the liquid inside the pump thereby ensuring no cavitation’s. Specially designed self lubricated bearing is provided in the bell mouth to ensure added shaft rigidity

Inner casing (bowl assembly):
The bowl houses a separately cast diffuser or guide ring or both cast in one piece. These bowls are bolted together individually which permits easy disassembly. Bowls are held together with bolts and with a Metal-to metal joint which ensure leak-proof operation and can be used in high temperature application

Nozzle orientation arrangement
Suction & discharge nozzles are in side-side orientation and can be provided in 300 & 600 class flange rating as per ANSI B 16.5. Flanges of suction & discharge nozzles are raised faced with a serrated finish.

Auxiliary connections
Drain connection is provided with a ½” ANSI flange on sizes till 4’’ and ¾’’ on sizes 5’’ and higher. All provided connections are shipped with plugs made of materials compatible with the casings, unless otherwise specified. Vent connection is provided at the highest point in the seal recirculation piping. Additional connections can be provided for Quenching, Cooling water inlet & outlet & Warming line when specified.

Sr. No.             List of Auxiliary Connections           List of drain connection sizes

  1. Drain connection ½” till 4 “ (discharge size) and ¾’’ for 5 “ and higher sizes
  2. Quenching ½ “
  3. Cooling water inlet 1 “
  4. Cooling Water Outlet 2 “
  5. Warming Decided on case to case basis

Casing gasket
An 18-8 stainless steel spiral wound gasket with non-Asbestos filter is provided

Stuffing box
The stuffing box is deep enough to accept various seal designs including tandem and double seals. Water cooled or steam heated stuffing box designs are available at extra cost when specified or required. The stuffing boxes are designed in such a manner so as to ensure min 30% margin within the Box pressures and the vapour pressure values for satisfactory operation of the seals.

The impeller is an enclosed, single suction type and is keyed to the shaft. It is provided with both front and back wear rings. Optional Inducer design is also available for critical NPSH requirement or under critical suction conditions. Impellers are with close grain cast material and with finished hydraulic passages for better efficiencies.

Impeller wear rings
The impeller wear rings are held on impeller with an interference fit and secured in positions with set screws to ensure positive fitment.

Case wear rings
The case wear rings are inserted in the casing with a slight interference fit and secured in position with set screws.

Shaft and shaft sleeves
Shafts are provided in sizes so that it can transmit the required torque. Shaft length is decided considering certain design limits. Usually single shaft length is limited to 2 m. Shafts can be made available in all materials as per API standard. Mechanical seal sleeve is axially located with sleeve retainer at the outer end.

This range of pump is also available with a barrel, please see our VBR (VS6) pump.

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      VIR (vertical multi stage VS1)

      EU US
      • Design standard ISO 13709 ISO 13709
      • Features Vertical suspended, multi stage diffuser VS1 type (API 610)
      • Capacity @ BEP Upto 300 m3/hr Upto 1320 Gpm
      • Head Upto 300 m Upto 980 feet
      • Temperature range -20 to 250 °C -4 to 480 °F
      • Discharge pressure Upto Cl. 300#
      • Nozzle Orientation (suc/dis) Discharge through the column and discharge elbow (above/below floor arrangement optional)
      • Standard Motor Sync. Speed 1000/1500/3000 rpm 1200/1800/3600 rpm
      • Max. Operating Speed 3600 rpm
      • Flange ratings(#RF) Cl. 150/300
      • Maximum Suspension Length 10m (higher length can be engineered)

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